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Flash Light APK is a free app listed in Tools Apps. It is very easy to install Flash Light app on your android device. U

“***Flash Light***

***Strobe Light***

An amazing application containing 3 wonderful functionalities that are very useful, interesting and full of entertainment. On the first screen there is a flash (Torch) light that will help you in dark places and you can use it to guide you and see clearly.

The second functionality is also very useful because it will use minimum battery and will light your flash light whenever you need it just by keeping the light button pressed. And when you don’t need it any more, you can lift your finger and the torch light will turn off, it’s that simple.

The third functionality is for entertainment purposes. You can simulate the functionality of a laser beam. Here different color beams are included and you can use them to have fun with your friends and family.

How To USE:

***** The power ON / OFF button will function as a Torch light.

***** The Bulb button will function as a battery saving option when using a torch light. It works when you touch it and turns off the flash light when the finger is lifted.

***** The third button will take you to the laser beam simulation screen. Here you can enjoy the functionality of a laser beam.

Current android devices does not contain the laser light beam functionality. The laser light simulation screen will just visualize the effects of a laser beam in different colours for enjoyment purposes and will turn the flash light ON and OFF.”

Download APK(v1.1)

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