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AppLock Go: Gallery Lock APK is a free app listed in Tools Apps. It is very easy to install AppLock Go: Gallery Lock app

☞Are there things on your phone that you want to keep private and secure? You need AppLock, your secret-keeping app. There’s nothing on your phone that this wonderful app CANNOT lock. Lock all or any of the apps on your phone, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Contacts, SMS, Incoming calls, Gallery, and more! If you’re worried about someone accessing the data on your phone without your consent, then you NEED the Applock app to safeguard everything that’s on your phone.
It could be anything- saved passwords, private photos, notes, work-related information, or more. What’s yours will remain in your control with this app that secures all the important apps on your phone.
Why Choose App Lock?
With App Lock, you can protect your apps with a password lock, pattern lock, or fingerprint lock, whichever is most convenient to you. If you wish to keep changing your lock formats, you can do that too. Aap lock makes it easy to lock your picture gallery, screen, and a lot more.
Features of the App:
☆ Privacy to lock apps- Lock private content like photos and videos in your gallery, your messages, or call logs.
— Main Features —
▶ AppLock
Your privacy will now stay password-protected using a PIN lock, fingerprint lock, or pattern lock. App lock guards everything that needs protection on your phone, like your pictures, messages, or notes.
▶ Catch Intruders
In case your phone is in somebody else’s hands, you can capture their selfie Aap lock allows you to click selfies of intruders who access your protected app.
▶ Smart Lock
Applock doesn’t just lock apps but does it smartly. You can schedule the time you want the app locked and you can also select when it will auto-unlock. You can do this using either connectivity- WIFI or Bluetooth.
▶ Screen Lock Time
You don’t want the screen to lock while using certain apps, like when using an e-book or browsing something. With app lock, you get a screen lock time feature, preventing the screen from locking on those apps. You can find this timer in the “settings” section of the app.
▶ Secure Vault
Hiding files or pictures on your phone is also not difficult using the applock app. All you need to do is transfer those files or photos to the app’s vault. In short, it is one of the best ways to protect your content from intruders.
▶ Secure Browser
Aap lock also makes browsing easy with a secure browser feature. But using this browser is no different than any other browser. Only that your search history will now remain private.
▶ Change App’s Icon
You don’t want people to know that you are using applock on your phone. This is why the app comes with a disguise feature, wherein you can change the app’s icon to a calculator, compass, or recorder. No one will ever know your apps are locked.
▶ Recovery and Backup
It is okay if you forget the app’s password or PIN> Recovering your password on the app takes just a few steps. If you don’t wish to use any of these, you can also use the app lock fingerprint.
▶ Lock Apps settings
Everything you set up on the app can also be locked. In case anyone else happens to use your phone like when your kids use your phone to play games, they will not be able to mess these settings up.
▶ Invisible Lock Pattern
Identifying your pattern or PIN that you set using applock has an invisible lock feature. So, if someone even knows you are using the app, they will still not be able to guess your password. And, of course, there’s also the fingerprint lock.

☆ RAM cleaner- The app identifies the apps that are slowing your phone’s speed, and clears the apps running in the background.
☆ Battery Optimization- There’s more you can do on applock by using its power-saving feature that helps extend the battery life of your phone until it requires charging again.
☆ Games- Save more space on your phone by playing games without actually having to install them. There are free games to plan on the app for your entertainment.
Your private data will remain just yours.

Download APK(v1.4.56)

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