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MOOD PRIVACY MATTERSWhy Mood?Free of chargeThere is no subscription fee to use mood chat. Mood uses internet connection

Why Mood?
Free of charge
There is no subscription fee to use mood chat. Mood uses internet connection already available on your phone like WIFI, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. There is no charge to send text messages or calls using Mood unlike traditional calling or text messages.
Mood Chat special features
Using this feature, you can choose to remain Offline to all your MOOD contacts even while using the application. You will appear online to the contacts that you would like to have a conversation with, to the rest you will appear offline.
2.Burning Message:
This special feature in MOOD allows the users to send a temporary message that will last only for a specific period of time that has been set by the user.
The message will be displayed as a pop-up message within the chat screen, the user can reply to the message before it disappears.
It cannot be a screenshot as it would be MOOD protected to provide extra privacy.
3.Special Profile Picture (Custom Profile Picture):
You can change your contacts profile picture according to your choice.
4.Sending a scheduled message:
You can send scheduled messages by setting up a date and time according to your preference, you will receive a notification once the message has been sent.
5.Custom Tone:
This feature lets you set a custom notification tone specific to that particular contact.
6.Contact Password:
You can choose to assign a 4-digit passcode for any contact of your choice.
You will be prompted to enter the 4-digit passcode to access the specific profile.
7.Sending a voice message:
Tap and hold the microphone icon to record your message.
Swipe left to delete or release to preview the message before you send it.
8.Receiving a Voice Message:
When you receive a voice message, tap on the play button to listen to it.
MOOD has a special voice feature in which You have an option to read the voice message through text when you click on the double arrow icon.
Important Message:
This feature in MOOD enables you to mark messages from the chat that you find to be important and you would require it to be viewed in the future.
Use Mood for videos, photos, documents, share stories, video calls.
And a lot more:
Auto clear messages, Live Chat Wallpaper, Weather and Local Time
and store all your documents with My Documents and so much more.
Business Services:
“All you need.”
MOOD Business – Everything you need at one stop. Stay Tuned…….
*Data charges may apply. For details, contact your provider.
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